UV Therapy and it’s Benefits

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Healing Power of UV Therapy


Over a century back, a breakthrough discovery by Dr. Neils Finses was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine for discovering the use of light to heal. This discovery was about the use of Ultraviolet Irradiation, and now is more commonly known as UV Therapy. In the past, not many people believe the healing abilities of certain lights on several diseases. But with the help of brilliant minds, indeed this idea was brought to life and with much enlightenment. Of course it was not until the mid twentieth century until this technology was perfected.

Benifits of UV Therapy for patients with different health problems

UV Therapy is now used to inactivate certain bacteria growth, viruses, and even toxins in the body. This means that its healing properties are broad so long as it has something to do with such biological hazards. Another thing about the UV irradiation therapy is that it can help boost up the immune system. This means that its action is not limited on killing foreign bodies that enter the body, but instead, it even activates and encourages the body to produce its own soldiers to fight off the foreign entities.

 With such healing properties, this kind of therapy is able to heal health problems such as acne, eczema, vitiligo, psoriasis and so many more. How this uv therapy was proven to work even started with a lady who had a severe sepsis affecting her bloodstream after an abortion. The doctors used the therapy to heal the sepsis and fortunately, the uv therapy was able to fight off the bacteria in the bloodstream that the patient was able to recover. It may be a wonder how a particular kind of uv light therapy could have such powers to heal a life, but apparently, the science behind is can be simply explained and understood.

UV Therapy for Vitiligo

Before and after Uv Therapy

The Power of light and Uv Therapy

The Ultraviolet light is a very powerful light having energies ranging from 3 to 124 electronvolt or eV. Any light that has frequencies higher than the frequency of the color violet is considered as an ultraviolet light. Apparently, this kind of light has electromagnetic waves that can even pose danger to living things. This is where the idea of the UV light irradiation roots from. If this kind of light has the ability to endanger the life of a living thing, then it means it has the ability to kill viruses and bacteria. With great caution and much experimentation, scientists and doctors in medicine were able to produce a procedure which would ensure the safety of a patient who will be treated with this kind of uv therapy. This means that this procedure will not pose any danger to the patient but only to the target toxins, bacteria and viruses infecting the patient.

 With the power of the UV therapy, now uv light it is even used to sterilize hospital equipments and other medical apparatus as it is very effective in killing bacteria and viruses. Patients who are considering to go through the UV Therapy can be sure that the procedure which will be used on their treatment will not harm them, but only the infections they want to be healed from.


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